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    A person can become a glutton for work the reason, usually is because has the

    support or the praise in the personal life circle, but receives the

    responsible or colleague's affirmation in the work performance,

    perhaps obtains the money in the life satisfying, thereupon starts not

    the normal work Below is a glutton for work the characteristic: Speaks when

    can specially emphasize the essential character, speaks when can more

    say quicker, often thought the daily life step too was slow, cannots

    bear other people to work too slowly, hoped conduct experience row of

    Man Man.

    I thought a glutton for work has some merits, but also has some shortcomings,

    their merit is they always suspends the work at first, and each matter

    all requests perfectly to achieve, therefore, the body frequently

    crawls for a glutton for work the person in the work is quicker than the others

    But, shortcoming actually compared to merit more, their shortcoming is

    they too takes to work, regarding some other people thought

    interesting is worth the flowered time enjoying the investment the

    matter, certainly not too pays attention, moreover frequently

    simultaneously handles two matters, is idle several is small now and

    then several days to be able the guilty malice

    I thought a glutton for workshould be not good, they because of live on

    certain aspects insufficiencies to go to the massive work to earn the

    money to satisfy oneself, but lets the oneself body long-term life not

    be normal, affects own health, a more serious speech, can overwork

    dies, therefore, I thought should have to have the fixed

    leisure time, relaxes own body, can enable oneself to do well in the

    work, is long

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