be located in , be located on

be located in

be lacated on

什麼時候要用in 什麼時候用on


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    To locate the city in map 在地圖上地位這個城市?


    It's always "ON" the map!

    It should be: To locate the city on the map.

    When to use in or on? It depends on what follows:

    Located in PLACES(Countries, Cities, towns, etc.)

    Because you'd say IN China, IN Taipei, etc.

    Located on something flat--like a map, a TVscreen, a table, etc.)

    Beacuse you'd say ON the map, ON the screen, ON the table, etc.

    It's like you'd say ON the shore, not IN the shore, so you'd say "located on the shore.

    Simply put, it all depends on what follows after in or on.

    Just remember, we say IN New York, then it's located IN New York.

    We say ON the seconf floor, so it's located ON the second floor.

    2007-12-05 07:53:25 補充:

    be located in 用在大範圍的地點?

    Be careful here, that's not always true!

    For example: "Where's the hard drive located IN my computer?"

    Again, just remember my advice, if "IN my computer" is correct, you should say "located IN my cmputer"

    2007-12-06 02:17:16 補充:

    Dear 007,

    IN New York or IN the New York City, thus "located IN New York," or "located in the New York City."

    IN the USA, thus "located IN the USA."

    You DO NOT say "AT New York!" Unless there's a hotel or restaurant named New York, then you can say "AT New York Hotel," or "AT New york Restaurant."

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    用in or on 要看後面接的"地點/位置"的性質來決定,

    ex, city, 那就得 in : my home is located in Taipei City

    ex floor 樓層, 那當然就用on : my office is located on 3rd floor.

    參考資料: myself
  • we say IN New York, How about at New York, in the U.S.A.?

    2007-12-06 10:24:46 補充:

    in New York, in The USA 也可以了 in Taipei City也不行嗎?