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1.很抱歉! 下列這些報價都沒有70PIN, 廠商表示若需要70pin的產品將必須開新模具, 而且70pin的產品在市面上較不普遍

2. 謝謝你的通知, 我們已廠商暫停製作樣品, 希望能盡快得到你最後的答案

3. 真的很報歉! 由於廠商負責的業務出差, 因此還尚未得到回覆, 可否請再給我幾天的時間, 我將會在禮拜五回覆給你

4. 請見下列報價, 廠商表示可直接從香港岀貨至加拿大

5. HMT表示若CTI可以增加訂單數量到500PCS, 將可維持US$1.035的價格, 但若CTI確定需求只有300PCS, 那價格方面HMT需重新再報價, 另外一方面. 我们已向G&O確認是否可接受300PCS的訂單及樣品的寄出日, 明天將會再回覆給你

6. 我們已請HMT製作樣品, 但HMT表示此料號有用到10種AMP的物料,其交期是8-12W,為了後續盡早交貨,那500PCS訂單可否先下訂單呢?以便廠商提前備料

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    1. My apologizes. The following quotes excludes 70PIN. Our manufacturer said 70pin products are not in high demand and will requires another molding.

    2. Thank you for your notification. We already notified our manufacturer to stop making samples and hope can hear your final decision soon.

    3. I am really sorry. Our sales responsible for the manufacturer is currently traveling thus we are not able to get an reply yet. Please give us a few days and I should be able to reply before Friday.

    4. Please see the following quotes. The manufacturer mentioned that they can ship directly from Hong Kong to Canada.

    5. HMT said they can maintain the quote of US$1,305 if CTI can increase the order size to 500PCS. Otherwise it will have to restate the quote if the order size is only 300PCS. On another note, we already talked with G&O about a order of 300PCS and their deliverable date and should be able to give you an answer by tomorrow.

    6. We already asked HMT to make samples but HMT said the product requires 10 types of AMP materials and the lead time would be 8-12 weeks. Would you mind place place the order first so HMT could procure the material ahead of the time?