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    Live a blood-sucking vampire at a slice of forest of utter darkness, his character Gu opens up. Some are cruel, his home also only has himself[one] person forever, impossibly have the second, calculate someone to want to intrude into secretly didn't also the way live out. But he in fact the heart deep easy is some tiny shortage go to of small matter and dare a sorrow, his heart is also still as weak as mankind, nevertheless but still still make very much person frightened!

    A certain he turns over calendar, turning over, but don't know why suddenly grief get up, probably is because the years lets it arouse an old-world sorrow, but depends on and then knows nothing about someone to understand, because never any animal or mankind will make contact with with him, he thinks of suddenly walk outside, but have never thought, the belly makes pout at that time, just right, there is rest room in front, have never thought on opening, suddenly a chicken stands there, he get a fright, grasp a chicken to record continuously up the toilet, his heart thinks the dinner of today eats to test machine to go together with gruel, the side thinks the side returns to a house, think more more excited, on coming home, picked up case knife to whet whet, have already so much want to how handled that chickened!

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    But at this time, that chicken runs away suddenly, running run. . . The blood-sucking vampire also has been making track for, making track for make track for. . . Caught up with finally, have never thought that chicken a side, there is a pair of glass shoes of purple colors, the color was such bright, but also find at this time the chicken doesn't run, just know originally that chicken is to find shoes to think reporting to attain him accepted to flow it, blood-sucking vampire also because of so decide not to cook it, after the event that chicken brings everyday happiness keep company with blood-sucking vampire, let everyday him is all very happy, also let his cruel and standing alone an agreeable disappear.

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