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    There was once a little girl called Anastasia who was born in a very strict and poor family. She lived in a dismal little room in the attic and was only given leftovers for food every day. Every day, she would lie on her dirty couch and think of her foggy future before her. She once protested to her parents of her unfair treatment. But her parents would get cross at her, sternly refuse any of her demands and condemn her grouchy and unappreciated attitude. Every time, she would dash off back to her little room and cry. One day, she argued with her parents again. This time, after losing the quarrel, she was determined to leave the house and never come back again. First, her parents hesitated but soon gave her contemptuous criticisms and told her that it was an impossible act. They laughed at Anastasia with sarcasm and inquired her how she is going to pay bills for her meals every day. However, Anastasia has set her mind up. She walked out of the house with a little bag and left her disagreeable family and past behind.

    As she was walking on the road; once again, wondering about her unclear future, she sat down on a bench and sighed. Indeed, she has got no money on her. As her head started to spin with frustration and anger, her stomach growled loudly and made Anastasia jump. She grunted and searched her bag for food and water. To her bewilderment, only a ripped, old book and a worn jumper could be sighted. Finally, she could take it no more. She threw her little bag onto the ground and wailed. Truth struck her like a sharp knife as she realized that she was actually missing her family and her dismal room at the attic.

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    But suddenly, her parent’s cynical remarks rang through her mind that sent Anastasia burning with rage.

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    She could and will not forgive her parent’s contemptuous sneers and ridicules in the past and she knew if she is to reunite with her family, they would at least have to get down on their knees and beg for her forgiveness, which she clearly knew is next to being impossible.

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    She looked down at her shoes and knew they couldn’t last any longer than 10 days, but all the random stuff she brought with her cannot worth more than half a piece of stale bread.

    2007-12-08 22:01:09 補充:

    She shuddered at the thought of being a homeless hag for the rest of her life but she knew there was nothing else she could do. As she was overwhelmed with all the hideous fears, a sudden thought of hope dawned upon her; she understood what there was to be done.

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    She decided to sell matches. Although it was a burning hot summer day, she knew that people would feel pity for her outrageously tattered look and feel sorry for her being retarded for selling matches at the wrong time in the wrong place.

    2007-12-08 22:01:34 補充:

    Consequently, she went selling a whole heap of matches and bought an island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, and lived there happily ever after.

    The end.

    參考資料: me (aussie)
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    用簡單的字 別太難 別人聽的懂 最重要

    這是眼講 不是 文章

    參考資料: me
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