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goddora 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

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為什麼中間會夾雜中文字"夠"啊 = =??

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    Suddenly develops along with the economical lotus, the material life unceasingly enhances, trash contains type more and more, at present processes trash to use the cremation or to bury the way, if trash not or classifies after the classification is improper, when processing can have a question, at present trash classification meets the bottleneck mainly lies in person's inertia, as well as many trash types classification immediately judges with difficulty, this analysis and the discussion are attempts to RFID to apply to the community building new generation of trash taxonomy, makes trash classification using RFID to recognize, at present RFID widely is used recognizes in the automation the system, The new generation of trash classification processor is the improvement flows and so on with the innovation existing library and the thing to be connected the RFID application pattern to make trash classification induction, anticipated can 夠 the reduced trash type sentence and the large increase trash classification accuracy by mistake, also can save the time efficiency, also comparatively saves the space and can 夠 fuse the hideaway in the original construction space.



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    With the development of economy and improvement of material life, there are more and more kinds of wastes. Incineraton and landfill are the most common ways to deal with trash, but problems come when they are not sorted properly or unsorted. The bottle neck of doing trash classification lies in human inertia and the distinguishability of trash variety. This research tries to apply RIFD to sort wastes for the new trash classification system in community buildings. Since RIFD is broadly utilized in automatic recognition system, new trash classification is a way of sorting wastes by improving and creating the present RIFD applied in libraries and logistics. It is predictable to reduce the miscarriage of waste sorting ,increase the accuracy, save space and be merged in the fixed construction room.

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