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急徵 英文翻譯高手








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    You yearn for, twiter bird see sunshine beautiful scenery to spill dew to drop on grassland wake up, in morning? Have yearned for holding a cup of coffee, enjoying the Victoria type afternoon tea facing the lake scene in the back hand at noon? Yearn for night in ancient fort getting pleasant to the ear nocturne eyes at being entire slowly? But such pleasure can be realized in the suburbs of the market of new shop.

    Home of the forest is a the people constellation with so abundant characteristic, even there is proud people's hardware apparatus, it is also difficult to survive under the circumstances that constellation of the people of the new shop and the numerous substitutes of hot spring hotel and competitor's ring are watched, not good at marketing and the rival's imitation recently, add the fierce price war, lead to the fact target consumer and profit are being corroded and made and run to glide constantly. This group analyzes the present situation with the result of SWOT analysis and questionnaire investigation, draft the new marketing tactics and make up, besides making the best of and emphasizing the already existing hardware advantage, and increase selling point and topic to open popularity with inside fitting and increase festival celebration activity again. Making use of cost and benefit of estimating finally to assess the validity on sale throughout the tactics, hope to go out of one's own characteristic in the people's constellation competition at home of the forest, make the transition as new monobasic the people constellation industry person, by one's own difference until can't person who replace get rid of the pestering of price war.

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    You once looked forward to after the morning bird Zhuan voice call to come to see the sunlight spreading to fall in the steppe of the lovely view of dew?Have ever looked forward to hold a cup of coffee and face the afternoon tea that the lake view enjoys use of a Victoria type in the afternoon hand?Whether once look forward to a nighttime pleasing to listener at the ancient fortress the night song is slowly whole worthy of a look?Such of pleasing but the ability carry out at the new suburb of store City.

    The hostel which is a special features is thus abundant of the house of forest, even own a proud hardware equipment, at new numerous substitutes and competitor wreath Ci of store hostel and hot springs hotel descend but also exist not easily, recently more because of not the good conduct sell and the imitation of rival, plus a violent price war, cause target customer and profits eroded continuously and make to operate to fall.This set by the result analytical current conditions of[with] the SWOT analysis and the questionnaire, draft new marketing policy and combine, in addition to knowing how to handle and emphasizing original hardware advantage, and by internal repair again with increment festival activity to increase to sell point and topic and boost popularity.Evaluate the usefulness of marketing policy by estimating cost and benefit finally, hope at the house of forest to can come out an own special features in the hostel the war, transform into the hostel operator of new generation, by the difference of self turn and can't replace sex to get away from price to fight of entwine.

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