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    Thanks your write back, as I see content's time, and is blast of de sensation! Because I waste very many time, not understand go value, effort. So I had to spend more time go try hard, just have method reach my dream! "if want than the other strong, then had to pay out more painstaking effort. "this is I all the time what jin ji care.

    Piano's real right and wrong always stick musical instrument, it have many fascination, but I but spend very long time just understand appreciate it, this too is I regrettable. See you say OO too can beat drum time, real let I feel astonished! He are a excellent people, don't care at play on musical instrument, or face "music "this' a matter. But he and XX write de XXX this' head songs, I and my friend Men all very like!

    These days I look OO de dream, let I feel very gratified! Because that is so and I resemblant, just my dream and much many "be able to peace zhi sound bring life on de everyone "thus.

    You doesn't need and I thank, appreciate good music is our pleasure, but OX de music actual very stick! This is need not to doubt de. Thanks you for I explain OOOO this' head songs, let I much know song in implication.

    This time come Asia, there is impression's profound place? I want here de people should all right and wrong always passionate. Pity I because be engaged can not front go appreciation, this is I sad place.

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    Thank you for your letters in reply, when I see the content , it is the emotion of a period of time! Because I waste too many time, is it treasure to know how, hard. So I must spend more time going hard , can just reach my dream ! ' better than others , must pay more energies. ' this is what I have been remembering in the heart sincerely all the time .

    The piano is really a very excellent musical instrument, it has a lot of magic power , but what I spend long time understand very appreciate it, this our institute sorry too. See you say OO can at fighting the drum , really let me feel surprised too! He is an outstanding person, no matter in playing the musical instrument, or face this of ' the music '. And he and XXX the song that XX write, I and my friend liking very much!

    I saw the dream of OO these days, let me feel very gratified! Because that and alike in I, dream of me not much else just.

    You do not need to express one's gratitude with me, appreciate that the good music is our honour , but the music of OX is really very good! This is not mediocre to what has been doubted . Thank you for explaining this song of OOOO for me, let me understand the meaning in the song even more.

    Come to Asia this time, are there places with deep impression? I think that people here should be all very hospitable. It's a pity that it is unable to appreciate , this is the place where our institute is sad because I have a thing.


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