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幫我翻譯一段文章 (中翻英)

幫我翻譯 不要翻譯軟體 盡量口語一點 不要到太深奧的字


基督教就轉變為國教而取得了領到地位 甚至強迫人入教 然而聖經

與耶穌一直無法被猶太教徒接受 所以在當時基督教盛行時

猶太教徒無法被歐洲人所容忍 進而演變了一種宗教的復仇

情緒 另外 第二次世界大戰時納粹德國認為自己是最強的民族




所以他就下了命令去屠殺猶太人 這就是有名的猶太大屠殺

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    The Jews have been persecuted since Roman period. Not long after the Jews arrived in Europe, Christianity became a state religion and dominant, even forcing people to convert. However, the Holy Bible and the Jesus have never been accepted by the Jews. Therefore when Christianity was prevailing at that time, the Jews were not tolerated by the Europeans. This further developed into a religious vengeance. In addition, during the World War II Nazi Germany thought of itself as the strongest race in the world. Hitler said that a superior race should have a lot of history and a strong nation.

    But the Jews have never had a unified nation and were considered by Hitler as an interior race. During the World War II Hitler thought the Jews would control the development of Germany so he ordered the extermination of the Jews. This is the famous Holocaust.

    參考資料: I live in Canada
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    Jew begin to be persecuted since Rome period. Not long after Jew enter Europe

    Christianity changes and makes the status of receiving for state religion Even force people to profess But the Holy Bible

    It has been unable to be been accepted by the religionist of Jew all the time with Jesus So when Christianity prevailed at that time

    The religionist of Jew is unable to be tolerated by the Europeans Vengeance of a kind of religion that and then has developed

    Mood In addition Nazi's Germany thinks that oneself is the strongest nationality during the World War in the world for the second time

    Hitler says that an advanced nationality should have much history and strong national power

    But Jew has never had a unified country but quilt Hitler thinks it is a low nationality

    Hitler thought in World War II that Jew will control the development of Germany

    So he issues orders to massacre Jew This is famous Jew massacre

    參考資料: Dr.eye
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