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    What injury will be formed to health on earth to stay up? Enough evidences have shown and stayed up the function that will influence the immune system for a long time already. And the person who often stay up , feel that to it is true to is fast older than common people. In addition adrenaline of person who stay up wait for hormone to be person who secrete high than ordinary person, make the pressure of metabolism heighten, the suffering from probability of adult's chronic disease has increased too. So the nutrition of the staying up clan absorbs and should pay attention to two parts , how a part is to protect one's own body,

    Another part how keep best state while working at night. No matter because work or study under the pressure of the staying up of helplessness , or stay up because of indulging one's own wave and throwing the youth. With smoke the samly , it is excessive to stay up , hinder the health. So we stay up to call upon , if have to become the clan of staying up , should absorb more sufficient nutrition and protect oneself ,

    Let the injury of staying up to the health be reduced to minimumly. >>


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