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1. 我已請HMT提供SWITCH的相關資訊, 例如:目前庫存數量還有多少?是否都有氧化的情形, 但由於負責人這兩天請假, 所以須等到禮拜一才能提供給我們

2. 附檔是G&O目前的庫存明細, 之前GRACE有談到資源共享的方案, 因此想詢問CTI目前是否有需要哪些物料,若有需要可向G&O購買, 我們期待您的回覆

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    1. I have been asked HMT's help to provide switch information, like how many stock do they have now? If all the stocks have oxidative situation? Due to the manager is in the vacation, they will reply to us on next Monday.

    2. Attached file is current stocks detail of G&D. As Grace brough out resource share funcation before, so we would like to ask if CTI needs any materiel now? If you need any item, we can buy from G&O.

    We are looking forward to hearing form you soon.

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    1. I have already asked HMT to offer the relevant information of SWITCH, for example: How much is the quantity of stock at present? Have situation that oxidize, but because director ask for leave these two days, must is it offer us Monday to wait until

    2. Enclose shelf G&O present stock detail , GRACE before this is it mention scheme of resource-sharing to have, so want to inquire whether which supplies CTI there is a need at present , if need to buy from G&O, we look forward to your replying