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貸款合約翻譯 ~請勿使用翻譯軟體~

1. Within ten (10) banking days upon receipt and fulfillment of conditions in this agreement

2. I / We the undersigned hereby grant the lender, full rights and authority to deduct from the initial settlement disbursement the following sums:

3. Verification & Acceptance of the same

4. Confirmation from the Trustee the shares held in trust

5. 17,500.00 € (Seventeen Thousand Five Hundred Euro)

(Front End Fee) flat becomes payable to the lender’s attorney in Hong Kong within 5 days after the loan agreement becomes effective. However in the event that the transaction does not subsequently proceed (confirmation of transfer of funds within 10 days upon receipt of Fee’s and Collateral) the funds are fully refundable.

6. Typical for a facility of this nature and including other representations

and warranties required by the Agent and the Lender.

7. The Borrower undertakes that it will not at any time after the date of this agreement, divulge or communicate to any person, except to its professional representatives or advisors or as may be required by law for any legal reason or regulatory authority, any confidential information concerning the business or affairs of the Lender which may have or may in future come to it’s knowledge. The Borrower must use it’s reasonable endeavors to prevent publication or disclosure of any confidential information concerning such matters.

8. The above agreement constitutes our Loan Agreement Summary Terms and Conditions of the Facility.

9. Please sign below to confirm your agreement with these outline terms so that we can proceed and close this business in a proper timely manner.




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    1. 在開戶10天內履行此約上的條件且達成這個協議

    2. I我們在下面簽字特此授予貸款人、充分的權利和當局從最初的解決支出扣除以下總和:

    3. 同樣的證明& 採納

    4. 確認從份額拿著在信任的委託人

    5. 17,500.00? (一萬七千五百歐洲) (前端費) 平變得付得起對貸款人的律師在香港在天之內5 在貸款協議開始有效之後。但是如果交易隨後不進行(資金調動的確認在10 天之內收到費的和抵押後) 資金是充分地可退款的。

    6. 典型為這自然和包括其它表示法的設施和保單由代理和貸款人需要。

    7. 借戶同意, 它任何時候不會將在這個協議之後, 洩漏或通信對任何人, 除了對它的專業代表或顧問或和願由法律為任一個法律原因或管理當局, 任一個也許有或也許今後來到它貸款人的機要資訊關於事務或事理要求是知識。借戶必須使用它是合理的努力防止任一個機要資訊出版物或透露關於這樣事態。

    8. 上述協議構成設施的我們的貸款協議概略期限和條件。

    9. 下面請簽字證實您的與這些概述期限的協議以便我們能進行並且結束這事務以適當的實時性方式。