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    Yilan County is a county in Northeastern of Taiwan. Yilan County controls one township-level cities three urban townships and eight rural townships. It covers a total of 2,143.6251 km² in area, and it has a population of 462,614 people. The County is surrounded by three mountains and one other side is facing the Pacific Ocean. The weather in Yilan is very well known to rain a lot, because it is facing east towards the Pacific, during East wind season it gets very wet in Yilan. The history of Yilan started with the navies that calls themselves “Kavalan”. In 1768 a Chinese man came to Yilan, but he was killed by the Kavalan people. And for the longest time there was only the Kavalan people in Yilan. It wasn't until 1796 another Chinese man went over and actually defeated the Kavalan people, and after that the Chinese people developed the place into a faming industry, which part of the Yilan we have today.

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    which is part of the Yilan we have today.

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