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Krishna 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

請幫我翻譯成英文-自我介紹 -20點





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  • 1 0 年前

    My name is Light, i am born on January, first, 19XX, i am currently XX years old. There are five people in my family, i am the oldest out of three children. Right now i am studying in information science, and hopefully i can engaged in IT related job in the future. Of course knowing English is very important too... haha!

    I am very easy to get along, i like to surf online, i believe the information one can find online are astonishing, one can learn a lot from there, but you can't always believe what you find online. On my spear time i like to play computer games or read comic books, i love the comics One Piece, and Naruto. One Piece is the story of friendships and the sea, while Naruto is about ninjas.

    Ever since little, i knew i have some talent in art, because in elementary school my art work will always be taken away by my teacher. I thought about going towards art major in high school, but my father said that studying art will not get you anywhere, that is why i got into electrical machinery major. Now thinking about it, I kind of regrades it. But from electrical machinery i found myself more interested in computer, and also built the basic foundation of computer. After graduating from college i wander around doing nothing for a while, it wasn't until after i got out of the army, i accidentally met a girl. Because of her i realized that i need to think about the future. So i quit my job as a waiter in the restaurant, and found a job in building computer hardware. I did that for a year, and realized that i need to improve my education level.

    2007-12-19 06:51:34 補充:

    So here i am, in this school. But work and school together was too much for me, so i left the computer hardware job and went into design. Although i am very busy right now, but life feels very full. All thanks to that one girl. Even though we broke up,

    2007-12-19 06:51:43 補充:

    but i really want to thank her. And i will keep on living my life to the fullest, thank you!

    生日要用月, 日, 年,

    1/1/80 就是 january, first, nineteen eighty

    3/16/80 就是 march sixteen nineteen eighty

    參考資料: 我的腦袋