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請幫我解答此題英文作業~~~15點!! 感謝>

請先閱讀以下~~ 下面有問題!!!

Who'll get the job?

Interview1 1

Miss Draper:Good morning. Do sit down. You're Anne Porter, aren't you?

Anne Porter:Uh-huh.

Miss Draper:Which school do you go to?

Anne Porter:Mm.. mm High.

Miss Draper:I'm sorry. I couldn't hear you. Did you say Merton High?

Anne Porter:No, Burton.

Miss Draper:What's it like?... Well, what's your favorite subject ?

Anne Porter:I don't like any subject much, but I'm good at maths.

Miss Draper:I see. Have you any hobbies2 ?

Anne Porter:Not really.

Miss Draper:What do you do in the evenings then ?

Anne Porter:Watch T.V.

Miss Draper:Why do you want to work in a shop ?

Anne Porter:er...I don't want to work in an office.

Miss Draper:Have you any questions for me ?

Anne Porter:(Shakes her head)


Interview 2

Bill Baker:Sorry I'm late. Good afternoon.

Miss Draper:Good afternoon. Please sit down. Your name's Bill Baker, isn't it?

Bill Baker:Yes, that's right. I'm from Brent Boys' School.

Miss Draper:Have you a favorite3 subject?

Bill Baker:Yes, I have--history, but I'm better at art. I'm no good at maths !

Miss Draper:What are your hobbies?

Bill Baker:I like all sports. In the summer I swim a lot.

Miss Draper:What do you do in the winter then ?

Bill Baker:(laughs) I stay indoor's. I'm making my own Hi-fi set.

Miss Draper:Why do you want a job in shop ?

Bill Baker:I think I'd like it. My uncle has a radio shop,..(etc.)


After reading this article (and the two pictures), if you were the boss, who would you hire? Please start your assignment with the senetence, "If I were the boss, I would hire ....", and then give your reasons.

2 個解答

  • SamC
    Lv 5
    1 0 年前

    If I were the boss, I would hire Bill because:

    1. He apologized when he arrived late. He faced what he did.

    2. Bill started conversation with a warm greeting. "Good afternoon" brought both people closer.

    3. Bill gave Miss Draper clear and strong answers.

    4. Bill knew everything he did before.

    5. I can feel that Bill is outgoing and easy-going. He has different hobbies.

    6. Finally, Bill gave Miss Draper a firm answer: he would like this job.

    7. He talked something related to a job in shop.

  • 1 0 年前

    If I were the boss, I would hire Anne Porter.

    Beause Porter is good at maths, she will be good to chang money to customer correctly.

    Beause Poter has no habby, she will be more stable to work on time.

    Beause Poter like to watch TV at evening, she will be more possible to work overtime.

    Beause Poter looks so shy, she will be more turthful to boss.

    For Baker's part, I think he will be great to be a sales representative.

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