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急問! 請幫我把文章中文翻成英文


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    QR bar code is widely applied to extended information in Japan.


    It is commonly used on various kinds of products and commercial advertisement (商業廣告)(或換成宣傳出版物propagandistic publications)by all walks of life becacuse of it's convenient , simple and inexpensive nature.


    Thus increases the profit of businesses and the volume of acceptance among the readers.


    Much result is achieved in beautifying and revolutionizing the bar code while QR bar code's applicatin in Japan is nearly perfect and sturdy(perfect and sturdy完善及穩定).


    Our research is mainly discusses the materialization progress of the bar code in terms of visual perspective and to understand the visual influences it has on the viewers selective attention.



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    while QR bar code's applicatin(application才對 ^_^|| 拼錯字) in Japan is nearly perfect and sturdy(perfect and sturdy完善及穩定).

    參考資料: me, me
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    In Japan, widely is utilized at present extends the information use QR bar code, because its convenience, simple, nature and so on low in price, depth various professions affection application in each product or in propaganda information, the essence promoted commercial interest increase and reads the audience information receive to extend reading. At the present Japan regarding applies the QR bar code aspect very widely already perfect, but also had many utilization achievements regarding the bar code beautification and the transformation under all quarters research diligently, this research mainly for the discussion by the vision viewpoint discussion motion bar code embodiment's evolution, and understands its image regarding the view selective attention influence.

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