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阿水 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

種族歧視 英文很容易的說法 要怎麼用英文表達給外國人聽懂




備受人們唾棄之後,我們都會遠離這個傷心地方,逃到另一個地方,愈遠 愈好,重新開始新的人生 被人們羞辱的心情 被攤在陽光底下檢視自己的生活 作為昭告眾人的恥辱標記,等於在身體上烙下印記,這個印記 就反映了人性最深處的真實,透過這一個印記,傳達了一個犯錯者的無限悲哀。

2.當一位有夫之婦以及一位年輕牧師之間發生不軌的行為,竟然還生下孩子,人真的不能做丟臉的行為,一個有婚約的女人,背叛自己的丈夫,和別的男人發生關係 ,在當時是天理不容的行為, 以現今的法律來說,有婚姻制度的人和別的男人發生關係 是會判罪的,H的丈夫展開一連串的報復行動,他的自我則是建立在復仇上面,用復仇的行為證明自己還活著,證明自己還有用處的價值。



他的自我則是建立在復仇上面,而H的女兒,在沒有人承認她的身分之前,這個女兒什麼都不是,更沒有自我認同,雖然礦工確實就是小孩的父親 但小女孩只是一個不被人們認同的孩子。

4.H為了保護礦工,一個人忍辱負重,承擔着所有的懲罰而毫無怨言,為了她心愛的人,一輩子這樣生活下去她也心甘情願。但是,丈夫出現之後,處處威脅著礦工,這部小說主要是在描述在清教徒時代,刺青這個代表著罪惡和恥辱的標誌,因此,因這個恥辱所生下的孩子對她來說,一方面可以說是上帝給她的懲罰,就彷彿那個 印記;另一方面也是她生命中唯一的祝福!



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    1.Says by average person's point of view, when we suffer the shame in a place,After prepares is toed spurn the people, we can be far away this sad place, runs away to another place, farther better, makes a fresh start the new life the mood which is shamed by the people to spread under the sunlight inspect own life achievement informed the numerous people's shame mark, was equal to irons the mark on the body, this mark had reflected the human nature most deep place reality, penetrates this mark, infinite transmitted make mistake to be sorrowful.

    2.When between a married woman as well as a young pastor has the illegal behavior, unexpectedly also gives birth to the child, the person really cannot make the behavior which loses face, has the marriage contract the woman, betrays own husband, has the relations with other man, in was the behavior at that time which the natural justice does not accommodate, said by the nowadays law, has the marriage system the person and other man have the relations is can convict, the H husband launches a succession of retaliatory action, he oneself is the establishment above the revenge, with the revenge behavior proved oneself also lives, proved oneself also has the use the value.

    3.Each people all have proved the oneself value the approval way, the H self- establishment above shame and sin, miner's self- establishment in is hypocritical, but by H the husband which revolts, he oneself is the establishment above the revenge, but the H daughter, in nobody acknowledged in front of her identity, this daughter anything is not, does not have the self- approval, although the miner truly is child's father but the little girl only is not the child which is approved by the people.

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    4.H in order to protect the miner, a person endures humiliation, undertakes all penalties but not in the least the complaint, for her beloved person, like this lives for a lifetime gets down she also to be willing.

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    1.In regard to the ordinary people's mindset, be us to suffer humiliation in a place,

    After enjoying people casts off, we all will keep off this sad place, escape to another place, the farer the better, restart the mood that the new life is humiliated by people is examined in the sunlight underneath by the stand own living conduct and actions declare to public humiliation marking, be equal to in the body last Lao to descend to print to record, the reality which prints to record and then reflects human nature the deepest, prints to record through this, inform 1 to make mistake of infinite sorrow.

    2.When a feme covert and a young pastor's irregular behavior happen, still borning a kid unexpectedly, the person really can't does shameful behavior, a woman who has engagement to marry, betray an own husband, with the another man establish relationship, ising the behavior of the intolerable injustice at that time, saying with the law of present, person and another man who had marriage system's establishing relationship would convict, the H husband launches a series of revenge actions, he of ego is establishment on revenging, used vengeance of behavior certificate oneself still live, certificate return useful value.

    3.Everyone has a certificate oneself to be worth of approbation method, the H ego builds up in the shame

    And the top of the sin, the miner's ego establishment at hypocritical, and H the husband of Pan,

    His ego is an establishment on revenging, and H daughter, before no one admit her status, this daughter what all is not, there is more no ego approbation, although the miner is really the kid's father little girl to be just a kid who isn't approved by peoples.

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