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本研究複合粉體(TiO2/CuPc)之變動水準包括:(1)9/1g、(2)9/1.5g及(3)9/2g。塗覆層數之變動水準包括:(1)單層、(2)雙層及(3)三層。塗覆面積之變動水準包括:(1)0.25cm2、(2)1cm2及(3)2.25cm2。燒附時間之變動水準包括:(1)0.5hr、(2)1hr及(3)1.5hr。本研究結果可獲得最佳實驗條件是9/1(g/g)複合粉體(TiO2/CuPc)、三層塗覆層數、2.25cm2之塗覆面積及1hr燒附時間,其可有效提升短路電流。短路電流由1.12μA(Test 3)增加至1.53μA(最佳實驗條件)。



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    The this research application farmland method inquires into a compound powder body, draw to reply number and draw to reply area and burn to attach time quick to dyestuff turn the influence of solar cell.This experiment process includes:(1)The decision controls factor and changes level;(2)The choice keeps handing over form;(3)Carrying on packs the measurement electricity to test for the first time;(4)Calculate statistical charts also analytical;(5)The theories identification tests for the second time.

    This fluctuation level which studies a compound powder body(TiO2/CuPc) includes:(1)9/1 g,(2) 9/1.5 gs and(3)9/2 gs.Drawing the fluctuation level of replying the number includes:(1)The single layer,(2) double is layer and(3)3 layers.Drawing the fluctuation level of replying the area includes:(1)0.25 cms 2,(2) 1 cm 2 and(3)2.25 cms 2.Burning the fluctuation level of attaching time includes:(1)0.5 hrs,(2) 1 hr and(3)1.5 hrs.This research result can acquire the best experiment condition is 9/1(g/g) compound powder body(TiO2/CuPc), 3 layerses draw to reply number, 2.25 cms 2 it drawing and replying area and 1 hr burn to attach time, it can promote short-circuit electric current effectively.The short-circuit electric current is increased by 1.12 μ A(Test 3)s to 1.53 μ A(the best experiment condition)s.

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