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    In recent years, the smoking population has increased drastically and it is shown that it accounts for 25% of the people in the world. In other words, there are 1.2 billion people who are in a habit of smoking, which equivalents to the whole population in China. These numbers are still on an increase as we speak.

    Smoking does harm to the body, especially to the lungs. According to some research, the likelihood for a smoker getting cancer is 4 or 5 times than a non-smoker. Moreover, smoking not only induces lung cancer, but also heart diseases, respiratory track cancers, oral cancer and esophagus cancer etc. So, to those who are still smoking as well as wanting a healthy lifestyle, quite smoking whilst it's not too late!

    Some smokers reckon that they would not harm others by smoking themselves, so they smoke to their heart's content. I have to say that they are quite mistaken, for all the people around the smoker are subject to enduring secondhand smoke. According to another report, for people who are constantly exposed to secondhand smoke, the chances of them getting cancer are higher than those who actually smoke. So, would it be ok if your family or loved ones are among this category of people? For the sake of the wellbeing of these people, please quite smoking!

    In the past few years, reports have confirmed that the average age of smokers are dropping, which indicates underage smoking. Medical research has shown that underage people are more prone to cancer than those heavy smokers that have commenced smoking after 18. So, to those underage people, if you don't want to put your future at stake, quite smoking!

    In conclusion, there is virtually no benefit to be gained from smoking. So, to those who are still in the habit of smoking, please quit it!

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