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1. 焦糖的作法:砂糖與40g的水放入鍋中加熱。

2. 煮至金黃色的焦糖狀。

3. 加入熱水40g(小心熱水濺出受傷)。

4. 離火後再舀入模型中,約底部薄薄一層即可。

5. 將布丁蛋液倒入底部已有一層薄薄焦糖的模型中,約九分滿即可。

■ 烤箱預熱:150℃。

■ 隔水烤。

■ 烘焙溫度:180℃。

■ 烘焙時間:約45分鐘。




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    1. Practice of the caramel: Between sugar and water of 40g put the pan heat.

    2. Boil it to the golden yellow caramel form.

    3. Add hot water 40g ( The hot water is spattered out and injured carefully) .

    4. Before ladling out entering in models after the fire, invite the bottom thin storey.

    5. Pour bottom into for one thin model of caramel pudding egg liquid, about nine points of Manchus.

    The oven preheats: 150 degrees Centigrade.

    Bake through water.

    Cure temperature: 180 degrees Centigrade.

    Cure time: About 45 minutes.

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    1. 焦糖的作法:砂糖與40g的水放入鍋中加熱。

    1. How to make caramel: Heat sugar and 40ml of water in the pan.

    2. 煮至金黃色的焦糖狀。

    2. Cook until it turns into a golden color and feels like caramel.

    3. 加入熱水40g(小心熱水濺出受傷)。

    3. Pour in the 40 ml of hot water(Be cautious of the hot water so you don't hurt yourself while puring it in.)

    4. 離火後再舀入模型中,約底部薄薄一層即可。

    4. Take it away from the water and pour it into the model, just about a thin layer on the bottom.

    5. 將布丁蛋液倒入底部已有一層薄薄焦糖的模型中,約九分滿即可。

    5. Pour the pudding mix into the model that already has a thin layer of caramel, about 90 percent of the container is enough.

    ■ 烤箱預熱:150。

    Pre-heat the oven to 150℃

    ■ 隔水烤。

    Bake through water(As in use another bigger container and fill it with water, then put the container that contains the pudding mix in the container filled with water.)

    ■ 烘焙溫度:180。

    Baking temperature: 180℃

    ■ 烘焙時間:約45分鐘

    Time in the oven: about 45 minutes

    hope that helped u

    參考資料: myself
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    Making Caramel:

    1. mix the sugar and 40g water in the pot and boil it

    2. boil the syrup until it changes to golden color and trun to rich caramel

    3. add 40g hot water (watch out for splashing when adding the hot water)

    4. remove it from the heat and take enough quantity to spread a thin layer on the bottom of the pudding mould

    5. pour the pudding liquid to the mould that already prepared witha thin layer on the bottom, about 9 of 10 full

    ** preheat the oven to 150C

    ** bake the pudding in the pan with water

    ** bake temperture is 180C

    ** bake duration is about 45 minutes

    直接照文翻譯,感覺非常多贅字! 希望還受用囉~~

    參考資料: 烘培執照師
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