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    When I was a student in the elementary school, we had to bring personal plates of our own for lunch. After having lunch, you would see the crowds waiting for washing plates at the balcony.

    My classroom is on the 4th floor, and we love to play with soap bubbles and throw them down to the 1st foor while washing plates.

    Someday, we uncarefully threw the bubbles onto a classmate's head when playing. As soon as he had gone to tell the teacher, the teacher came to complain to ours. So our teacher requested us to apologize to the class mate right away.

    It was a extremely embarrassed experience. After that, we have never played with the soap bubbles again.

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  • 大概是這樣↓(我不能保證一定是這樣唷XD)

    When I still primary school get of hour after, we eat lunch have to oneself bring dinner plate, whenever have a meal of hour back can see the veranda is several full do dishes of crowd of people, our classrooms are on the 4th floor, so we like to do dishes while fighting very much bubbles war and throw down the bubbles.

    Have once, we hit the bubbles to a head of classmate carelessly at the time of playing, that classmate goes to sue in court with teacher right away, leading to have a teacher to run to find our tutors soon, after the teacher call us apologize with that classmate.

    The really super invincibility is embarrassed.........After we dared not to throw to bubbles to throw down any further.