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Inferior Vena Cara Filters

Meshlike filter devices can be placed in the inferior vena cava to trap thrombi that break loose from leg veins and prevent them from traveling to the lungs, These devices can be used in any of the conditions listed below.\


A.patient has proximal deep vein thrombosis in the legs and has one of the following conditions:

1. A contraindication to anticoagulation

2. Pulmonary embolization during full anticoagulation

3. A free-floating thrombus (i.e., the leading edge of the thrombus is not adherent to the vessel wall).

4. Poor cardiopulmonary reserve and unlikely to tolerate a pulmonary embolus.

B.Patient does NOT have proximal deep vein thrombosis in the legs but has one of the following conditions:

1.Requires long-term prophylaxis of pulmonary embolism(e.g., patients with a history of recurrent pulmonary embolism)

2.Has a high risk of thromboembolism and a high risk of hemorrhage from anticoagulant drugs (e.g., trauma victims)

About 80%of inferior vena cava (IVC) filters are placed in patients who have deep vein thrombosis in the legs combined with one of the conditions listed in section A (45)

The Greenfield Filter

The most widely used IVC filter in the United States is the Greenfield filter (boston Scientific, Glen Allen, VA),Shown in Figure5.5 The major advantage of this filter is its elongated, conical shape, which allows the basket to fill with thrombi to 75%of its capacity without compromising the cross-sectional area of the vena cava. This limits the risk for vena cava obstruction and troublesome leg edema, which plagued earlier models of IVC filters.

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    3有自由浮動血栓 (即血栓的前沿不是依附在血管壁上)。





    大約80%的下腔靜脈(IVC)過濾器被安置在腿部有深部的靜脈血栓形成的患者,並與被列出在章節A (45)當中的一個條件結合。

    在美國最廣泛被應用的下腔靜脈過濾器是Greenfield過濾器(波士頓科學,Glen Allen VA),如圖5.5。這過濾器主要好處是它瘦長,圓錐形形狀,允許籃子填裝其容量75%的血栓而不會減弱下腔靜脈的斷面血流。這樣可以減少下腔靜脈阻塞和麻煩的腿部水腫的風險,避免如早期別型的下腔靜脈過濾器造成這些併發症的困擾。

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