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英翻中 希望可以跟我說的大概

Given the lack of controlled trials, and heterogeneity of reported

case series, there is as yet no consensus on a standard approach to the

treatment of established PTLD unresponsive

to immunosuppression reduction . Anatomically localized PTLD can be

eradicated by surgical resection or radiation . Regression of

lymphoproliferation has been anecdotally reported following treatment

with antiviral drugs and interferona ; however, some other form of

treatment was almost invariably associated, and therefore

their therapeutic role remains unclear.

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    假使報告的案件系列缺乏控制試驗和非均勻性,沒有公眾輿論在一種標準方法到建立的PTLD的治療無回應到抑制免抑反應減少。 解剖局限上地方化的PTLD可以由外科切除術或輻射根除。

    lymphoproliferation退化回歸報告了跟隨治療與抗病毒藥物和interferona; 然而,治療的某種其他形式幾乎不變地聯繫了,並且他們的治療角色依然是不明。

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