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The discussion below is divided into several parts. The first of these considers the character, origins, and practical implications of the central ideas upon which Canada ’s approach to the construction and maintenance of the world order was founded at the time of “the creation”-that is, in the period immediately preceding the end of the hostilities in 1945-and in the years that followed. These ideas were closely akin to many of the notions that would now be associated with the concept of global governance as understood by practitioners of state (although certainly not by every representative of every NGO).



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    下面的討論被區分為一些部份。 那首先這些考慮最主要的想法的個性,起源和實際含意在哪一個之上加拿大’s 達成的方式工程和世界次序的維護在 " 創造 " 的時候被建立-哪一是,在時期立刻前述敵意的結束在 1945 年-和在跟隨的數年內。 這些想法對許多現在將會與如州的開業者所了解的全球治理的觀念有關的觀念嚴密血族。(雖然由每個非政府組織的每個代表當然不是)