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    Shilin Night Market

    The Shilin Night Market is a night market in the Shilin District of Taipei City, Taiwan. It is the largest and most famous night market in the city. To get there by the MRT, you must take the Danshui Line to the Jiantan Station, not the Shilin Station. Like most night markets in Taiwan, the local businesses and vendors begin opening around 4 p.m. as students begin returning home from school, crowds reach their peak between 8 and 11 p.m. Businesses continue operating well past midnight and close around 1 to 2 a.m.

    The night market is located near the former location of a wharf on the Keelung River, agricultural produce from farms in Shihlin being shipped to other ports such as Banka and Dadaocheng would typically be sold in this area. The daytime Shilin Market was formally established in this area in 1909. With the influx of customers, many new businesses and food vendors began to establish themselves in the area and the Shilin Night Market was born.

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    Recent years

    Shilin Night Market has since become the largest and most well known night market in Taiwan, especially with regards to food, and is a favorite focal point for Taipei's night life among residents and visitors alike.

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    The night market encompasses two distinct sections sharing a symbiotic relationship: a section formerly housed in the old Shihlin Market building containing mostly food vendors and small eateries; and the surrounding businesses and shops selling other nonfood items.

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    Due to safety, sanitation, and fire hazard concerns, the old Shilin Market structure was demolished in October 2002 by the Taipei City Government

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    the food vendors formerly based within the old structure were relocated to a newer temporary structure a few hundred meters away next to the MRT Jiantan Station.

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    Most famous foods

    •Fried chicken steak (炸雞排)

    •Small bun wrapped in large bun (大餅包小餅)

    •Fried buns (生煎包)

    •Peanut candy (花生糖)

    •Oyster omelet (蚵仔煎)

    •Tempura (天婦羅)

    •Lemon aiyu jelly (檸檬愛玉)

    •Pearl tea (青蛙下蛋)

    •Bubble tea (珍珠奶茶)

    •Braised stinky tofu (紅燒臭豆腐)

    參考資料: Wikipedia, Wikipedia
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    Shilin Night Market

    Shilin Night Market is the largest night market in the entire Taipei City. If your trip allows only one night for strolling around in Taipei, then this is the place because on top of varieties of gourmet foods, it also offers generous open hours from noon till midnight; bargains are available at all sorts of stalls and shops that you can shop till you drop.

    Shih-lin Night Market is divided into two major sectors. One of them is the “Shilin Night Market”, which is a food court, right across the Jiantan MRT Station. Any night market snack you could possibly think of may be found here. It is recommended that you sit yourself at one stall and order your choices of snacks, and then go to other stall right away to order some other snack and have the other stall deliver your orders over to your table, so you may enjoy a feast of night market foods at relatively low prices without fighting your way through the crowds.

    The other sector centers around the “Yanming Theater”, stretches to the blocks around Danan Road, Dadong Road, and Wenlin Road. No need to worry about the narrow streets and lanes that crawl all over this sector; just move along with the crowd and you will find reputed delicacies and heart-pounding specialty shops.

    Some products are popular among shoppers in this sector and are the must-sees. Sports goods (mainly on Dadong Road), for example, come with latest fashion with very affordable price tags. Secondly is the eyeglass wears (on Wenlin Road). They come in all styles and discount sales are often found. The third is fashion accessories (splattered on Anpin Street and the Teen Block on the back of Yanming Theater”. This block resembles Shibuya, Tokyo, where the most trendy fashion accessories are displayed, including American hip hop, Japanese and Korean fashions, and ethnic styles in South Asia. There are also custom-made, personalized products; a shopper’s heaven for souvenir.<p>【Must-have Gourmet】

    參考資料: 台北旅遊網
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