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    My choice was "advertisement".

    I really liked this article, because the main character is a person with disability, yet maintained an optimistic view on life. He also wished to bring some positive thoughts into the others through this advertisement. This reminds me of a book, "Footnotes: A life without limits", written by Lena Maria Klingvall, who is disabled with no hands and 1 deformed leg, yet she was able to compete at the European Championship and won four gold medals at the World Cup hosted in France, and has became a singer. I really admire her positive and impregnable attitude on life, and the love of her parents. Whenever I am down, I think of her, which reminds me of how fortunate I am to have a healthy body. So we should learn to understand our good fortunes and treasure it.

    footnotes 為英文版書名

    Lena Maria Klingvall 為原名


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    I choose am "the advertisement" I like this very much, because lead

    itself is disabled persons, but he is very optimistic, he also hoped

    the affiliation by this advertisement, energy band people some

    positive ideas, this causes me to think a book "with the foot soaring

    girl" the author is lotus elegant Masurium Liya, is a specific weight

    remnant bonding, but she when 18 years old, joins France to hold "the

    World Cup swimming match" four sides, in four competitions, takes off

    the gold medal, now becomes to sing the family, I extremely appreciate

    her positively, the strong life manner, As well as her parents'

    compassion, when I come across the setback, thinks of her, can think

    has the perfect body and mind, is very happy! Therefore must

    understand knows the luck, is grateful.

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