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急 !! 請幫我翻譯一下!! (中翻英)

各位大大 , 請幫我翻譯一下 !!


大家好,我是minnie,今天我要說的是我最喜歡的食物.飲料和零食。我最喜歡的食物是青菜,因為青菜有益健康,不管是什麼青菜我都愛吃。什麼飲料我都愛喝,但我不喝酒,因為"未成年請勿喝酒",所以我不喝酒! 我不挑食,所以我什麼零食都吃,不過吃太多零食對身體不好,所以我不常吃零食!! 謝謝大家。




我家有三樓,一樓是客廳和廚房,二樓和三樓是房間,我和我弟弟的房間在三樓,前門那裡還有一條走廊,是大家公用的,是條綠色走廊,很漂亮,歡迎大家隨時來我家玩,我家隨時歡迎你 !謝謝大家。



我最細歡的地方是台東,因為那裡風景好.又可以泡溫泉,到那裡真是一大享受啊 !! 每次一到台東玩,一定就回到遊樂園玩,台東是我最愛的風景區,不過不管是什麼地方我都喜歡,只要能夠出去玩就好了,這可是許多小孩都想要的吧?!


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    Everybody is good, I am minnie, today I want said is me favouredest food. Beverage and sock. I favouredest food is greengrocery, because greengrocery salubrious, in spite of is what greengrocery I all love eat. What beverage I all love drink, but I does not drink, because "Underage pleases don't drink ", so I does not drink! I am not select food, so I what sock all eat, however eat too many socks to streaked, so I do not always eat sock!! Thankses everybody.


    Everybody is good, I am minnie, today I want said is my family.

    My family is at Kaohsiung, appearance though not up to much, however enter can feel very warm.

    My family have three buildings, a building is drawing room and kitchen, two buildings and three buildings are room, I and I younger brother's room on the third floor, front door there still have a corridor, is everybody public, is a green corridor, very beautiful, welcome everybody at any time come my family play, my family at any time welcome your! Thanks everybody.


    Everybody is good, I am minnie, today I want said is me favouredest place.

    I thinest joyous place is Taitung, because there scenery are good. Can dunk hotspring again, to there really first conference enjoy ah!! Each time a go Taitung play, certainly go back to amusement park play, Taitung is me love beauty spot most, however in spite of is where I all like, as long as is able to go out play good, does this but many children all want?!

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