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英文段落翻譯 請英文高手進來~~

我自己翻的不太順 可以請英文較為熟稔的人代為翻譯嗎?


這個題目是有關於leadership excellence 擷取出題中兩小段

2. Focus on your strengths.

Confronting reality is the only way to identify which aspect of a business are working, and which products,

processes or businesses sap your strength, time, and energy. We often hear about the turnaround artist who

applies great skill and tenacity to fixing broken businesses. And given the hero status often accorded them,

many executives spend much of their time and energy addressing problems. Sure, you might logically invest

some resources in underperforming assets in the hope that you can correct the problems and transform failure

into success, but in most cases your focus on problems diverts you attention from your more profitable operations,

placing you in a position of weakness from which it is difficult to recover. The inability to focus on your successful

and profitable activities is the primary cause of frustration , poor performance, and failure.

3. Accept the inevitability of change

It takes discipline to confront reality, clarity to focus on your strengths, and courage to accept the inevitability and necessity of change. The biological world is rife with examples of species that failed to adapt to changing conditions and faded away. Likewise, in business, the ability to adapt to shifting circumstances is essential to survival. Whether the issue is shedding unprofitable operations, terminating unproductive employees, or anticipating the obsolescence of our most popular products, the successful operation makes moves early, empowers people to experiment with new methods, and encouraging junior staff to speak up. Change is often the most daunting challenge a leader will encounter, even as it offers the greatest opportunity.

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    過程手術室事情排出體液你的力,時間,和精力. 我們經常聽說轉變藝術家誰 申請偉大的技能和堅韌修理打破的事情. 和給男主角地位經常一致他們, 許多的經理主管人員度過大部份他們的時間和精力演說問題. 確信,你可以邏輯上投資某些資源在運作差於資產在希望你能改正問題和轉換失敗的進入成功,但是在最多的實例你的集中問題轉向你注意從你的更有利可圖的操作, 放置你能的虛弱從它是困難的恢復. 無能集中你的成功的和有利可圖的行動是根本原因的挫折 , 貧窮的履行,和失敗.


    它佔領紀律到對抗真實,明瞭調焦上你的力,和膽量到接受必然性和必需品的變化. 生物學的世界是流行的和例子的種類那未能適應改變狀況和消失. 同樣地,經商,才幹適應轉移境況是對倖存不可缺少. 是否這發行是脫落無利益操作, 終止無收穫職員, 手術室anticipating這荒廢的我們的最多大眾化的產品, 這有效運行做移動早, 授權人們到實驗和新方法, 和鼓舞的初級職工到大聲一點說. 變化是經常最使人畏縮的挑戰領導者會遭遇,甚至當做它提供最大的機會.