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【英文】求一篇小短文 Neighborhoods

【英文】求一篇小短文 Neighborhoods,Cities,and Towns

是要 4 個人在對話的,每個人約10句以上.....謝謝


不好意思我沒打的清楚,短一點就ok了,不用到每個人講每句都很長 ex: bye 之類的 不過每個人都要10句以上的對話就是了 因為我們是要背起來再台上表演的 好記一點的就ok了,另附個中文翻譯....跪求大家了>~< 感恩

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    Jake: Hey Joe, are you staying here for the college?

    Joe: No, my family is moving to another city, where my uncle lives at now.

    Jake: Come, every one knows that the neighborhood he lives in is worst than any place you can ever find on this planet.

    Joe: That's not true, it is not that bad.

    Jake: Have you ever think any thing is bad?

    Joe: Of course I have. I thought your paint fall in the third grade was pretty bad.

    Jake: Hey, don't bring that up ever again.

    Julie: Hey, what have you guys been talking about?

    Joe: We were just saying...

    Jake: Dude, don't.

    Julie: Were you guys saying something bad behind my back?

    Jake: No. We were just saying that how somebody is leaving his best friend behind and moving to another city.

    Julie: Really, are you excited for it?

    Joe: I am not really what you can call excited. And as a matter of fact, I really don't want to move there.

    Julie: Then why are you goin?

    Joe: 'Cause, family problem.

    Julie: Oh, I'm sorry. But we'll miss you.

    Jake: Wait, so you are staying?

    Julie: Of course. I don't want to move out of here, ever.

    Jenny: Hola, what have you guys been up to?

    Julie: Joe's moving out of town.

    Jenny: No way.

    Jake: Yes way. He does not even care that we've been together since like we were born.

    Jenny: That's true. You guys are so close that I even thought you guys were, you know, gay.

    Julie: But anyways, Jenny, are you going out of town for college?

    Jenny: I wish, but no. I love big cities, small towns, just hate it.

    Julie: Woow, you are not criticizing my town.

    Jenny: 'Course not. I love this town.

    Jake: Ya right.

    Jenny: I did move in here, didn't I?

    Joe: Anyways, we all know you love our town and even if you don't, you better be.

    Jenny: Are you threatening me?

    Joe: No. I'm just saying that time will come when you actually appriciate the small towns like this.

    Jenny: Oh ya, you are moving out. But I doubt that I'll be like you if I ever get out of this place. Big cities, that's what I like, and that's where I'm going.

    2007-12-31 08:22:06 補充:

    Joe: I know there are more fun places, but have you ever think about those neighborhoods?

    Jake: Ya, just think about the noises when you are trying to sleep at night, and the traffic.

    Jenny: Night is so beautiful; when over here, all you guys do is sleep.

    Julie: And that is what nights are for.

    2007-12-31 08:23:10 補充:

    Jenny: If you want your brain sleep to rot.

    Joe: It doesn’t rot by sleeping, it rots by being in you.

    Jake: Anyways, I’m going home.

    Jenny: Just go home and enjoy your sleep and rot your brain along with your sweet dreams.

    2007-12-31 08:24:56 補充:

    Julie: I’m going, too, it’s almost six. And Joe, you should be glad moving away from Jenny.

    Jenny: This is when the people in the "big cities" start to wake up.

    Julie: Well Jenny, guess what, that's when we start going to sleep.

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