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段落翻譯 中翻英 請大家幫忙!! 謝謝

段落翻譯 中翻英





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    At Germany, Christmas Day front four Sunday difference is 1, Two, Three, Four treats fall section ( advent) . Treat fall section about start Yeh dan bazaar at 1, But 1 treated fall section that day, Every family all can will treat fall wreath ( adventskranz) In 1 candles light up, After each treats fall section dispart suck again depend on order light up treat fall wreath's other candle, Waits for the fourth candles cover light up time, Do then stand for Christmas Day want come!

    This section qi jian Germany family meanwhile start prepare each item purchase, Adornment, Clean-ups job, Does this like do not likes our the winter months? But children too will get a" Yeh dan calendar " ( ADVENTSKALENDER) , This is a carton, Up will have one go 24 small " Door " , All have same nicknack or candy type thing back each wicket. Then likes we childhood add grocery at household " Draw " Thing same, Children from start every day can open a door on December ath, Exactly reach December two ten four Christmas Day eve. Do just naughty children usually eagerly at 1 day then will it all open!

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  • Katy
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    In Germany, the four Sunadys before Christmas are ordered as the frist, second, third, and fourth advnets.


    The Christmas market starts around the first advent.


    On the day of the first advent, every family and household lights the first candle in the “advent wreath” (adventskranz) then lights the rest candles in the wreath afterwards in order when the rest advents come.


    When the fourth candle has been lightened, it means the Christmas’s coming.


    During this period of time, Germany families simultaneously start to prepare the purchase, the decoration, and the houseclean.


    Does it look like the December of lunar calendar in our country?


    The child also gets a Christmas calendar (adventskalenders).


    The adventskalender is a paper box which bears one to twenty-four small “doors.”


    There is a tiny toy or candy sort of things behind each “door.”


    The game of the paper box looks just like the one we “poked” and pulled out tiny gifts from a paper box in the grocery store when we were young.


    The child opens a door each day, starting from December first to twenty-fourth., the Christmas Eve.

    不過頑皮的小朋友通常迫不及待地在第一天就將它全部打開了! However, the naughty children usually can’t hold it much longer and open all the “doors” on the first day.

    參考資料: 自己 + 奇摩字典
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