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英文what is doggie bag問題?

what is doggie bag的意思是說 打包袋是什麼?


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    doggy bag

    bag that is given to a customer in a restaurant to take home food he or she has paid for but not been able to finish

    Note: the original idea was that the food would be given to the dog at home

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    注: 原意為將食物帶回家餵狗

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    The container used for leftovers =a doggie bag or doggy bag;

    The term "doggie bag" is now no longer used in (at least) much of the USA. While it is understood, a diner is more likely to request a "takeout box," a "to-go box," or just a "box."

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    Doggie Bag is the bag for carrying unfinished food from restaurant back home. For example, if you cannot eat all of your pizza in a restaurant, you could ask waiter to have your unfinished pizza in a doggy bag for carrying out of the restaurant.

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    Waiter, we can't finish our meal. Please give us a doggie bag.


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