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The kid behind him slapped him on the back as he continued to choke. Lizzie wanted to crawl under her seat and hide. “Your sweater gave Rudy Velasco nose milk,” Miranda said to Lizzie. “This is serious. This picture will be seen by everybody, forever.” “Forever?” Lizzie repeated, felling kind of queasy. “Forever. I mean , haven’t you seen your parents’ yearbook pictures?” Miranda’s dark eyes were round with horror. Lizzie bit her lip. Miranda had a point. Lizzie had seen her parents’ yearbook pictures, and they put the up in ugly. Lizzie’s mom had worn dental headgear, and Lizzie’s dad looked as though his nose wre trying to conquer the kingdom of his face. When lizzie had first seen the pictures , she’d laughed so hard that she had actually given herself a stomachache.

Did she really want her picture to have the same effect on her own children someday? “I’ve got to get home and change,” Lizzie said quickly. “Go!” Miranda urged. Lizzie stood up and bolted to the front of the bus. Just as she reached the last step , the bus doors hissed shut in her face. She was trapped! Lizzie pounded against the glass , but it was no use. The bus had pulled away from the curb. Lizzie was on her way to school---for betther or for worse. Matt gazed up at his mom with big , gloomy eyes as he laid on the couch in the living room. He had a digital thermometer in his mouth , and a pillow propped behind this head. Yeah,” Mrs. McGuire said into the cordless phone as she paced around the living room “I’m taking his temperature right now.”

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    當他一直咳嗽時,這小孩站在他後面拍著他的背。Lizzie想要從椅子下爬過去並躲起來。”你的毛衣讓Rudy Velasco流鼻水了” Miranda跟Lizzie說。”這是很嚴重的,這照片將會被每個人都看到,永遠“。”永遠?“Lizzie重覆的說著,頹靡反胃的跌坐下來。”永遠。我的意思是,難道你沒有看到你父母年度記事本上的照片嗎?“ Miranda的黑色眼珠充滿了恐懼。Lizzie咬著嘴唇。Miranda說的對。Lizzie曾看過她父母年度記事本上的照片,他們看起來實在很醜。Lizzie的媽媽載著牙狀的帽飾,她的爸爸看起來鼻子像是佔據整個臉。當Lizzie第一次看到這張照片時,笑的胃都痛起來了。

    她會真的想要將來有一天,當她的孩子看到她的照片時,產生相同的反應嗎?“我要回家把照片換掉。” Lizzie很快的說著。“去” Miranda催促著。Lizzie起身並很快的到達巴士的前方。就在她差一步就到的時候,巴士的門嘶的一聲在她面前關了起來。她陷入了困境。Lizzie敲打著玻璃,但一點用都沒有。巴士從路邊開了出來。Lizzie正在去學校的路上─不知是更壞還是更好。

    Matt躺在客廳的沙發上,用他憂鬱的大眼睛注視著他媽媽。他嘴裏插著一支數位温度計,頭後面也用枕頭支撐著。“是的” Mrs. McGuire繞著客廳,用無線電話說著。“我現在正在給他量體温。

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