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what's concluding sentence?

please answer in English...

thx a lot :-)

what are a good supporting sentence?

what's a good concluding sentence?

what're the different kinds of concluding sentence?

How does a concluding sentences relate to the topic sentence and to the supporting sentences?

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  • 1 0 年前

    Here's my answer ( maybe you can say it's just my opinion ) :

    A good supporting sentence is you can give some examples to support your argument in your article; a good concluding sentence is you can give the same idea in the last and it means just like your topic sentence, but you write them down in different way or in other words.

    And for the third and forth question, I think I can't answer them because the third one you can just find them in some articles, and for the forth one, that's a question about how you write an article.

    Those are just my " opinion " , hope they're helpful.

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