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Cholera is endemic in a few states in Malaysia where it occurs as sporadic outbreaks. In Malaysia, almost all cholera cases are a results of infection by V. cholerae O1, but V. cholerae O139 strains were isolated in 1992 from clinical cases. In 1998and 1999, the number of cholera cases reported from the states where we collected seafood samples were as follows : Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Pulau Penang, and Sarawak. We isolated O1 and O139 strains from the seafood collected only in Selangor and Sarawak states during the 1998 to 1999 period of this study. The result appears to be correlated with the high case numbers of cholera in the two states, although exact epidemiology to implicate seafood in these cases is not known; however, from our data, seafood is highly suspect. The high incidence of O139 and O1 strains might have been associated with the epidemic of V. cholerae O1 and O139 occurring at the time and with the subsequent spread into the environment. A recent epidemiological study suggested that the V. cholerae O1 strains associated with the cholera epidemic could persist in the environment of neighboring southern Thailand. A future study on the epidemiology of environmental and clinical strains of V. chlerae O1 and O139 will be necessary to evaluate public health significance of these strains in the seafood marketing system in Malaysia.

Various potentially pathogenic Vibrio species are distributed in various seafoods marketed in various parts of Malaysia regardless of the season. The results should prompt us to pay attention to the role of these Vibrio species in local foodborne diseases and underline the need for adequate consumer protection against pathogenic Vibrio species in Malaysia. In particular, examination of high-risk seafood and consumer education regarding proper storage and cooking are considered important.

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    霍亂是地方性的在一些個狀態在它發生作為分散爆發的馬來西亞。 在馬來西亞,幾乎所有霍亂案件是傳染的結果由V. cholerae O1,但是V. cholerae O139張力在1992年被隔绝了從臨床案件。 在1998and 1999年,霍亂案件的數量從狀態報告了我們哪裡收集了海鮮樣品如下: Selangor、Negeri Sembilan, Pulau檳榔島和沙撈越。 我們隔绝了O1在這項研究的1998年到1999期間,并且O139從海鮮的張力在Selangor和沙撈越狀態仅收集了。 結果看上去關聯與霍亂的高案件數字在二個狀態的,雖然牽連海鮮的確切的流行病學在這些情況下不知道; 然而,從我們的數據,海鮮是高度嫌疑的。 O139和O1張力的高發生也許已经同V. cholerae聯繫在一起當時發生和隨後傳播入環境的O1和O139流行病。 最近疫學研究建議V. cholerae O1張力與霍亂流行病相關在鄰居南泰國的環境可能堅持。 關於V. chlerae O1和O139環境和臨床張力流行病學的未來研究將是必要評估這些張力的公共衛生意義在海鮮銷售系統的在馬來西亞。

    各種各樣的潛在地致病性弧菌種類被分佈以以馬來西亞的各種各樣的部分銷售的各種各樣的海鮮不管季節。 結果應該提示我們注意這些弧菌種類的角色在地方食物傳染病和強調對充分消費者保護法的需要反對致病性弧菌種類在馬來西亞。 特別是,高危險的海鮮的考試和關於適當的存貯和烹調的消費教育被認為重要。

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