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    1.The Sino-Japanese War postwar of China and Japan, Taiwan cedes Japan, as the people on day are garrisonned in, Japan Buddhism every schism spreads into thereupon too. 2.The religion coming to Taiwan at first lies in the consolation soldier of Japanese aggressor troop and family dependents mainly, until the place resists calmly, just the work that expansion preaches. 1.Lucky wild village whether Japan is it plan to migrate to village is village that grow prosperity most at that time construction to have, villagers' religious belief relies mainly on the fact that Buddha wishes to send textbook. 2.The sixth year of the Republic of China, Japan people " Sichuan end full two " is it build the truth case high to send ' lucky to preach while being wild ' while being wild to raise, this, in order to celebrate and repair the institute predecessor. 3.Taiwan add by Wu sister Ms. take over , change the name after recovering ' celebrate and build the institute ' 1.Wu passed away in the 71st year of the Republic of China, in March every other year, its adopted son Wu ShiDuan removed the wooden room by the courtyard to give up , newly building two stories of reinforced concrete room, the ones that are for its family to live with guest's hall are used. 2.Bodyguard Wu end accident dead because of traffic accident later on, is it build institute then wield by the good Master of the sex to celebrate. 1.In the 86th year of the Republic of China, celebrated and repaired the institute to classify as the third historical site, and was subsidized to make investigations in the 88th year of the Republic of China; Carried on the recovery project in order to return its original appearance at the beginning of the 91st year of the Republic of China, completed in August of the 92nd year of the Republic of China 2.Celebrate and repair the institute too to manage in the literature and history space and humane tour direction so far.

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    Below for urgently needs must translate ~ whether can ask English master to help ~ to be possible to do revises the ~ original intention to have to also may ~~ thank ~ 1. Chinese and Japanese armor noon postwar, Taiwan cedes Japan, enters and is stationed in along with the Japanese people, the Japanese Buddhism various sects also spread along with it. 2. At first comes a religion mainly to lie in consoles the Japanese forces soldiers and the family member, is tranquil after the place resistance, only then launches the cloth to teach to work. 1. The lucky wild village was Japan has the plan construction the immigration village, was the most prosperous village, villagers' religious belief sends at that time by the Buddhism original wishes primarily. 2. The Republic of China six years, Japanese people "Sichuan end full two" true words Zong Kaoyeh the faction "the lucky wild cloth teaches the institute", this for celebrates repairs the courtyard the predecessor. 3. After Taiwan recovers takes over control by Ms. Wu T'ienmei, changes name "celebrates repairs the courtyard" 1. 1,982 Wu passes away, separates year in March, of its adopted son Wu Shituan demolishes nearby the courtyard the wood to make the house, newly built two reinforced concrete room, using of for its family member housing and the reception room. 2. Afterwards Wu Shituan because the traffic accident accident died, celebrates repairs the courtyard then to meet the palm by the natural good master. 1. 1,997, celebrates repairs the courtyard to list as the third level of historical site, and to 1,999 attains the subsidy to conduct the investigation and study; The Republic of China 91 beginnings of the year carry on the repair project to return its original condition, 2,003 in August finish 2. Until now celebrates repairs the courtyard also goes sightseeing the direction management towards the literature and history space and the humanities.

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