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泰國料理是世界上最精彩的美食之一。除了色香味美之外,加上獨特的草藥、辛辣調味,同時講究健康及視覺享受。多樣的選擇 ( 包括湯、咖哩、海鮮、香辣的沙拉及熱帶水果等 ) ,不論是宴會、河上遊艇餐廳或是全國各地的小餐館,都有頂尖的廚師,提供最奢華的用餐享受。而曼谷同時也是提供世界各地美食的天堂,足以媲美世界其它城市。

曼谷(Bangkok) 一詞是外國人的稱呼,泰人則習慣簡稱「曼谷」為「功帖」、「克倫泰太普」(Krungthep)」,意即「天使之城」,至於為什麼說「功帖」是簡稱呢?因為實際上「功帖」只是該城泰文名字的開頭,若要整個翻成英文拼音,全名長達百餘字元,堪稱世界上最長地名的首都,甚至整個名字已成為一首歌的歌詞。目前「曼谷」是「泰國」的第一大都市,同時也是「泰國」的首都與精神象徵。

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    Bangkok, this in the meantime and have the eastern big city of[with] ancient old spirit and modern romantic feeling, is is filled with to praise highly in everywhere with beautiful place.

    River bank Nan-ho pierces through the whole Bangkok City, bringing prosperity and business opportunities for Bangkok City, Bangkok also therefore won the good reputation of"eastern Wearnes".

    The Thai cuisine is one of the most fascinating delicacies in the world.In addition to aroma the United States, plus a special herb medicine, mordacity seasoning, pay attention to health and vision to enjoy in the meantime.Diverse choice( include the soup, curry, seafood, joss-stick hot salad and tropical fruit etc.) is the chophouse of party, the river top yacht restaurant or the whole whole country in spite of, all having a top cook, providing the most luxurious dining to enjoy.And Bangkok also is the heaven which provides the whole world delicacy, being good enough to match in excellence other cities in the world.

    A phrase in Bangkok(Bangkok) is the form of address of foreigner, the Tai person then call"Bangkok" as"achievement", "gram Lun Tai too Pu"(Krungthep) habitually", idea namely"the city of angel", as for why say"achievement" is brief name?Because actually"help" be just the beginning of the city's Tai text name, if want whole turn over English to pronounce, the full name long more than 100 words dollar, be rated as to grow the capital city of place name most in the world, even the whole name has already become a lyrics of song."Bangkok" is "Thailand" currently the first metropolis, is "Thailand" capital city and spirit to also symbolize.

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