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急!!! 誰能幫我寫英文作文Plastic surgery

急!!! 誰能幫我寫英文作文Plastic surgery



a. Would you consider having cosmetic surgery?

b. Do you know anyone who has had cosmetic surgery?

c. Do you think cosmetic surgery is safe?

d. Why do people have cosmetic surgery?

e. Can you name three famous people who have had cosmetic surgery?

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    Plastic Surgery

    Plastic sugery can be beneficial or unhealthy depends on how it is used. While it is invented for recovery, it is rather used more often in perfection. For example, Courtney Love and Pamela Anderson, two stars, both did plastic surgeries on face or body. Although, It can give a second chance to peoplewho are needed, but it can also lead to mental or physical illness.

    The plastic surgery can be an addiction. Some people such as a famous star, Michael Jackson, continue having surgery done over and over again whenever they think they find themselves imperfect. Also, some teens can be over exaggerated and think they need surgery while they actually don't.

    However, there is a positive side of cosmetic surgery. For example, my friend was injured in the face in a fire. Fortunely, she did a surgery last summer and fixed the scar on her face. In my opinion, plastic surgery should use only in restructional purpose.

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