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麻煩幫我寫英文對話好嗎? 真的很急

題目是 beauty , cosmetic surgery, fashion



所以 可以說說 哪些藝人 或者新聞 之類的台詞

沒有拘束 可以幫幫我的忙嗎? 那就太感謝了

我明天就要了 ><

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    Sophia: Hi, Judy. Long time no see, Gee, you look something different

    on your face.

    Judy: Yeah, you have sharp eyes. I had had the cosmetic surgery. For diminishing my face

    adumbration, the doctor cut my chin bones and rebuilt it. Do you think I look prettier now?

    Sophia: Yes. Look at you, your face is so small. I am so jealous. But it sounds really hurt. How

    much did it cost?

    Judy: It is very expensive. It cost me thiry five thousands dollars.

    Sophia: Really? How expensive it is. I also had had a cosmetic surgery.

    Guess what?

    Judy: What? Hum. Sorry. I can not find it.

    Sophia: I did laser vision correction surgery. I don't have to wear glasses anymore.

    Judy: You are right. It looks great. I think cosmetic has become a fashion now.

    Sophia: I do agree with you. For beauty sake, women can bear any hurts.

    Oh, it can be find on men now.

    因為不知道你需要多常, 所以寫了一小段

    也許沒有很好, 但希望對能幫助到你

    2008-01-11 13:56:14 補充:

    Judy最後說的那一句請改成 You are right. It looks great. I think cosmetic surgery has become a fashion now. 我漏打了surgery

    2008-01-11 13:57:59 補充:

    另外修正一下最後一句It can be found on men now.


    參考資料: Myself, myself