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反對整形的英文作文 ,大約90~100個英文字

我要交一篇有關自己是否贊成cosmetic surgery的英文作文,我的一間是不贊成,請英文厲害的人幫我寫一篇,謝謝

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    Cosmetic Surgery

    As a guy, I often look at beautiful girls when they walk pass me, and it has certainly become one of my hobbies to admire beautiful girls. When the popularity and demand of cosmetic surger grows, I began to worry. I worry because all the beautiful girls I see on the street, or celebrities on the television, may all have something done on them to make them beautiful. I do not agree with cosmetic surgery because it makes people depend on it to become more confident with themselves. Appearace will change with age, and these changes represent the lives we walked through. Throwing away money to cover these histories are just pointless. I believe cosmetic surgeries should be available to people who need it. People who has suffer from burnt and accidents, not for people who wants to look pretty. Because sooner or later, everyone will look the same, with no distinct feature.





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    有人回答過類似問題了, 你可以照自以的意思修改一下來用


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