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求助英文高手!! 三句中翻英~ 急 (10點)




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    When they all realize they love each other, the man is unmasked that he is a normal delivery man. However, they overcome all the difficult and live together at the end.


    In this film, I realize that most of Korean men are male chauvinism. Not only in the speaking way but also at action. Especialy in the wealthy people.


    Girls are always aked to attend home and give up the school. In the other hand, boys need high education, find a fine job is important as well.

    參考資料: me, as a student in the USA
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    While them finally discovered falls in love with opposite party, this

    male was discovered only is ordinary delivers goods. But finally they

    or the guest took all difficulties in together.第一句

    I discover South Korean inside this piece the male mostly all a little

    大男人 principle, no matter is from speaks the way perhaps the

    movement, especially perhaps rich others is more obvious in the


    The girl is always requested the giving up studies wholly absorbed to

    support the family in the home, the male student is school record Gao

    Yuehhao, and finds a good work also is very important,第三句

    參考資料: 中文翻譯器
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