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DanielChen 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

可以幫我翻譯一下 這篇對話內容嗎 中翻英 感激不

ERIC從日本來 我們去吃咖哩飯




恩!好呀. 帶我去吃看看台灣的咖哩飯



很好吃耶!裡面都放有 洋蔥.馬鈴薯和紅蘿蔔.但是感覺辣了一點


對呀! ㄟˊ 我沒跟你說你怎嚜知道



好啦!趕快吃. 不然這個冷了不好吃 像大便一樣

噁心!我要趕快吃了 不跟你說了

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    Eric came here from Japan. He and I went to eat curry rice.

    Do you like to eat curry rice?

    That's good! I ate that much often when I was in Japan.

    Then, let's go to eat curry rice and see if there's a difference from Japanese one.

    Well, Okay. Bring me to try Taiwanese curry rice.

    ~~~~~~~After eating the curry rice~~~~~~~

    Is this delicious? Is this the same as Japanese one?

    It is delicious! Both Taiwanese and Japanese curry rice have onions, potatoes and carrots in them. But this is a little bit spicier.

    Right! I have heard that Japanese curry tastes sweeter.

    You're right! do you know this? I think i did not told you about it.

    Hah! Do you think you are the only person from Japan?

    Oh, you're right.

    Well, hurry to eat! Otherwise, it will be like shit when it gets cold.

    Disgusting! I'll be hurry to eat this. I am not going to talking with you! That's it!

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    ERIC comes us from Japan to eat the food You like eating the food? Also OK Arab League! I in Japan's time also frequently eats Then we eat the food! Has a look to have any dissimilar graciousness with Japan! Good Leads me to eat has a look Taiwan the food After ~~~~~~~~~~ finishes eating the food ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Delicious? Has same with Japan? Very delicious Ye! Inside all puts has the onion Potato and red radish But felt has burnt 1. mmm mmm! I have hear your Japan the feeling quite sweetly to! I with you had not said how you do know puff! You thought the entire Japan wins you? Said to is good! Quickly eats Otherwise this cold not delicious picture bowel movement has been equally disgusting! I had quickly to eat did not say with you

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