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彥安 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

徵求英文翻譯 下面那段話~不要翻譯機的那種~要有文法的~感謝


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    During my 2nd year, I was admitted to the Construction Engineering Faculty. Though I was in the National Taiwan University Of Science & Technology, I was not happy and often looked down. So in year 1994, I decided to quit school and pursue a different path I longed for. In spite of the effort, I failed. Due to the financial difficulty at home, I returned to National Taiwan University Of Science & Technology again. It is simply torturous. I am heading no where and I do not see Construction Engineering as my future career. I am just wasting my time here. But for monetary reason, I have to struggle and stay here. I hate my family and hate my father for being irresponsible, causing obstacles to my study. Unlike some well –off children, they can do things they want while for the poorer families, they are just being bad luck.

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    Afterwards two techniques tested have built the department, although

    was reads in the Taiwan Technical University, but I complete was not

    joyful, attended class all day, the face all was smelly, therefore

    again time my 94 years, I set firm resolve to temporarily leave

    school, walk own road, diligently wanted to face own direction to

    walk, but I have been defeated, because in the family the environment

    really did not permit, therefore I was compelled to return to the

    Taiwan Technical University to build the department, this simply was

    compares the body to be also painful in the hell, because here

    certainly could not take to me any, because I later certainly will not

    want to walk build, I waste the life in here, but based on the money

    question, enables me only in the hell to struggle in this person

    between, I cannot walk, I hate this family very much, hates an oneself

    not responsible father very much, therefore has hindered my study, the

    rich others child wants to do may, the poor family child should die


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    Later, the technology and the construction of the test, though in the Taiwan University of Science and Technology study, but I am not completely happy day to class, and faces are smelly, so I am 94 again, I became determined suspension, and make their own The Road to North Korea to take its own direction, but I have failed, because the environment is not home, so I was forced to return to Taiwan University of Science and Technology of construction, this is virtually over in the hell are also suffering because here and what I can bring, because I Buxiangzou and after construction, I am here is a waste of life, but on a question of money, let me only in this worldly hell struggling, I can not get out to, I hate this home, I hate no one is responsible for their father, so I had hindered the study, the rich kids would like to be doing, and children from poor families on the damned

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