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我跟我男友最近因文化差異的不同~~有感情維持的障礙~~~希望有同樣background的人幫我門打打氣~~~如果可以用英文回答會更好~~~因為這樣他就可以閱讀~~~我們倆個很相愛~~~~但是東方(我)父母親對他會有比較高的期望~~~他是澳洲~~人~~~西方(他)父母當然覺得她開心就好~~~又加上我的英文並不可能向當地人一樣perfect有時他會失去耐心去解釋他想說的意思~~~~~而且西方女生比較獨立~~~~有時他會覺得我依賴他太多~~~~愛可以解決一切問題~~~可是有時時間會磨掉人的耐性~~~有沒有依洩實際的例子可以鼓勵我門~~~將來如果結婚還要接受各種不同的culture shock....難道國際戀情真的比較難維持嬤?


thank you for the answer,you guys.....they are all very helpful for my bf and myself!!

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    I married an American. Inter-racial marriages do have its share of culture shock but it is also a source of fun. Sometimes your fights could end up too funny for one of you to continue. Go see "dating and relationship" section and you guys would get a good idea.

    That said, there are many ways people differ. We are different in personality, habits, values, beliefs, experiences, expectation, etc. Racial and cultural differences are only part of it. You need to look at the total picture to see how match you two are. Most westerners love asian ladies, especially after they have some experience dating western girls. I am not sure why. They told me asian girls look better with better values.

    And girl, your parents would want you to be happy, don't they??? Part of the job of growing up is to know what YOU want and not worry too much about what anyone else thinks. Take their opinions into consideration, but don't hide behind them and avoid dealing with problems. You are a grown woman and he's a grown man, no in-laws should have the power to control your marriage. When there's a problem, communicate and be flexible. You both will need to make lots of adjustments, heck, anyone getting into a marriage, inter-racial or not, are going to make lots of adjustments.

    Good luck to you.

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