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Fall Out Boy打倒男孩 - thanks for the memories

Lindsay Lohan琳賽羅涵 - 心碎告白(給父親的話)

Akon阿肯 - Sorry, Blame It on Me 歹勢 都怪我


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    [00:01.00]琳賽羅涵* - Confessions of a Broken Heart

    [00:03.00]I wait for the postmanˊ︿ˋ

    [00:11.98]To bring me a letter

    [00:15.03]And I wait for the good Lord

    [00:20.45]To make me feel better

    [00:23.46]And I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders

    [00:29.00]Family in crisis that only grows older

    [00:33.45][00:37.10][00:38.89][01:40.93][01:42.95]Why'd you have to go?

    [00:40.93][00:43.17][00:49.01][00:50.76][01:44.89][01:47.10][01:53.28][01:55.26][02:37.34][02:39.15][02:45.15][02:47.09]Daughter to father

    [00:45.12]I am broken, but I am hoping

    [00:52.65]I am crying, a part of me's dying

    [00:57.07]and these are

    [00:57.76]These are the confessions

    [01:01.96][02:05.87][02:09.46][03:10.76]Of a broken heart

    [01:05.42]And I wear all your old clothes

    [01:16.76]Your polo sweater

    [01:18.96]I dream of another you

    [01:24.62]One who would never, never

    [01:28.93]Leave me alone

    [01:30.98]To pick up the pieces

    [01:32.75]Daddy to hold me

    [01:35.06]That's what I needed

    [01:37.39]So why'd you have to go?

    [01:49.31][02:41.12]I don't know you, but I still want to

    [01:57.17][02:49.14]Tell me the truth

    [01:58.93][02:54.17]Did you ever love me?。︿。

    [02:01.20]'Cuz these are, these are,

    [02:04.25]the confessions

    [02:13.45][02:20.70][02:24.76]I love you

    [02:28.78]I, I love you...ˊ︿ˋ

    [02:51.09][02:54.17]Did you ever love me?

    [02:58.17]These are

    [03:02.21]The confessions

    [03:13.64]Oh.... yeah

    [03:21.82]And I wait for the postman

    [03:28.48]To bring me a letter@︿@。。


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