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spin control

spin control



Let's get some spin control.

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    spin --- a situation out of control, can apply to computer programming, bias in news cverage or politcal issues, or in psychological treatment

    spin control --- try to restrain the situation deviated

    Let's get some spin control. --- Let's try to control the situation or try to cool down after exciting or intense movement.

    2008-01-20 18:14:26 補充:


    ---news coverage

    2008-01-20 21:18:17 補充:

    "spin" itself has many different meaning. Here, it's a slang.

    to indicate situation out of control, use "spin control" instead of "spin" only.

    "spin control" is a common phrase.

    2008-01-21 01:05:25 補充:

    "Let's get some spin control.", if uttering from a TV anchorman, that means the following reports are controversial issues viewed from different perspective or something has been going too far which should be refrained.

    2008-01-21 02:40:49 補充:

    spin control

    Function: noun

    Date: 1984

    the act or practice of attempting to manipulate the way an event is interpreted by others


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