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Doubt and Rebel Against

When I was reading the episode ten, that is, the tenth letter, I feel something touched my heart and that the inspirations and memories emerged in large number just like the fountain. And this feeling was come from the topic “反叛權威”.

In my opinion, whatever the tubes of criticism were fair or not. There was still a shadow on people’s mind, not mean all the people, which resulted from the fear for power or authority and the things which were unknown.

Human is a complicated species, when people need to handle or communicate with other people, especially with the people whose ranks or positions are taller than themselves, they almost will encounter the problem that whether obeys or not. In addition, it widely known that courage and wisdom were necessary for rebelling against the authority but most of time people were easy to ignore the “awareness”. For example, when the German fascists massacred almost all the Jews in town which is isolated by German, why they didn’t want to against and strike back. Even they didn’t think the question deeply or doubt about what would happen after they were sent to the isolated town and whether they would be ok as the German said or not. In my opinion, they died unconsciously. Obey the rules was right, but you must doubted and kept sharp for that whether the rules you obey were correct or not.

In conclusion, how to step the first step is the most important and difficult thing, and how to do depending on whether you stretch out your leg or not. But often the events that ordinary people met were not serious, that is, just the pinpoints. And most of people always make concessions just because they think those events or things are not big deal. But I doubt that they can make the different choice that is mean to violate the way they are used to when they encounter the real “big deal” and it was inevitable. So if don’t have the first step will have no other steps.



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    當我讀情節十, 即第十封信件, 我感到某事觸動了我的心弦並且_發和記憶湧現了在大數字像噴泉.


    以我所見, 什麼批評管是公正的。仍然有一個陰影在人的頭腦, 不意味所有人民, 起因於恐懼為力量或當局和事是未知的。

    人是一個複雜的種類, 當人們需要與人民處理或通信, 特別是與等級或位置高比他們自己的人民, 他們幾乎將遇到的問題不管服從。另外, 它廣泛知道, 勇氣和智慧是必要的為叛亂反對當局僅大多數時間人容易忽略"了悟" 。

    例如, 當德國法西斯主義者屠殺了幾乎所有猶太人在由德國人所隔絕的鎮裡, 為什麼他們不要對反對和沒有反擊。他們不深深地認為問題或沒有懷疑關於什麼會發生在他們被送了到被隔絕的鎮之後並且不管怎樣他們會是讚成作為德國前述。以我所見, 他們不自覺地死了。服從規則是正確的, 但您必須被懷疑的和被保留的銳利為那不管您服從的規則是正確的。

    總而言之, 怎麼跨步第一步是最重要和最困難的事, 並且怎麼對做依靠不管您舒展您的腿。但普通人遇見的事件經常不是嚴肅的, 即小事情。並且大多數人總使讓步正因為他們認為那些事件或事不是重要的事。但我懷疑, 他們能做出是卑鄙違犯方式他們被使用對的另外選擇當他們遇到真正的"重要的事" 並且它是不可避免的。如此如果不要有第一步不會有其它步。

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    When I was reading episode ten, that is, the tenth letter, I felt something touch my heart. It triggered a flow of inspirations and memories just like a fountain. All of this coming from the topic “反叛權威”.

    In my opinion, regardless of the fairness of the criticism, there was still a shadow on the people's minds--which resulted from the fear of power, authority, and the unknown.

    Humans are a complicated species. When people are challenged by, or even just need to communicate with others, especially those whose ranks or status are above themselves, they almost always struggle with the uncertainty of whether they should comply or not. In addition, even though that courage and wisdom are necessary for a rebellion, history teaches us that many courageous and wise people were quick to suppress their feelings and comply with the authorities." For example, when the Nazis massacred the Jews and rounded them up to the concentration camps, there was very little resistance. They didn't seem to question or to doubt the German authority's promises that they would be safe. In my opinion, they died senselessly. Obeying rules is the right thing to do in our society, but you must also constantly question whether the rules you are bound to obey are correct or not.

    In conclusion, taking the first step is the most important and difficult thing. All of this simply rests on whether one's is willing to take action and stretch out one's leg. But often the events that ordinary people encounter are not serious or life threatening.They are just little pin points along the journey. And, most of the people always make concessions just because they think these pin-point-events are not a big deal. But I have doubts that they will be able to make the different choice, the choice that will probably violate their conscience and beliefs, when they do encounter the real "big deal"; and it is inevitable. Thus, without the first step, there are no other steps.

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