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" 我方並無寄海運正本提單給您, 因為FORWARDER都以電放提單的方式提供清關,您不需正本,如果您真的需要的話,我方在另行安排快遞寄送給您,不知您意下如何? "

" 您的貨物我方已於昨日安排海運裝櫃,並於1/31 on board,大約2/22日抵達Rotterdam,希望這樣的安排能符合您的要求,也希望下次還能有機會再與您合作,謝謝 "

" 您所指定的貨物,我方已經在處理安排了,並附上相關文件供您參考,文件上也已包含提單號碼供您做追蹤,希望這樣的安排您能滿意 "

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    We have not sent you the Original Ocean Bill of Lading by mail. This is because the forwarder would normally use the Telex Release Bill of Lading for custom clearance. You do not need the Original. If required, we can separately arrange to send you the Original by courier service. Please let us know if this works for you.

    Yesterday we have arranged your cargo for shipment stuffing. The cargo will be on board on Jan 31, 2008 and will be arrived at Rotterdam on around Feb 22, 2008. Hope this would fit into your requirement. We would like to continue to serve you next time. Thank you.

    Regarding the cargo you specified, our arrangement is in progress. The related documents are attached here for your information. The documents also contain the Bill of Lading number for your tracking. We hope this would fit into your requirement.

    參考資料: my translation