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Bestbuy or Circuit City延長保固的問題

在美國有幾間大型3C連鎖店,比如說bestbuy或Circuit City。




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    1 0 年前

    Don't buy that. I bought a camcorder (Taiwan called it V8). Just one month before that extended warranty expired, zoom-in/zoom-out slide bar jammed. I need push harder to move that bar. I was lucky because it happened one month before extended warranty expired. They told me someone dropped juice or liquid in there. It is ridiculous. Only I use this camcorder. I knew no juice in there. It was still in warranty. If I tried to fix it and broke it, I will loose warranty. I wanted them fix that problem instead I did it myself.

    I knew what happened. There was sand or little solid thing inside that slide bar, because I didn't have a camera bag. I always put that camcorder in my backpack. I turned my camcorder upside down. And blow air into that slide bar with my mouth. It works.

    They said four years warranty. It includes original manufacturer one year warranty. So, you pay four years price and get only three more years.

    Ok, four years later, you can pay a little more money to buy a new one.

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    6 年前

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