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1.Jean Bastisete Loeillet (1680-1730) was born in Ghent, into a family of musicians. He established a reputation as a flautist and composer in France, but in about 1705 moved to London, where he became known as Mr John Loeillet. Here he played in orchestras at Drury Lane and the flute. The giga is the Italian equivalent of the jig, lighter and faster than the French gigue. Dynamics are left to the player's discretion.

2.The piano pieces that remained unpublished at Beethoven’s death include a few that are very similar in character to the Bagatelles, although they lack that specific title. One of them is this C minor piece, which is untitled and undated in the autograph manuscript. It takes the form of a scherzo with a contrasting trio in the tonic major. The scherzo, successor to the minuet, is often light and playful, but at times , as here , it has serious and even disturbing undertones. In the exam, the first repeat should be played, but none of the others. In BB. 41-3, players with small Source: autograph MS, Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Preussischer Kulturbesitz.

3.Wilhelm Friedemann Bach(1710-84), eldest son of Johann Sebastianm composed the celebrated 12 polonaises by 1765, and made aan unsuccessful attempt to publish them,Generally considered to be the high point of his entire output, they were eventually published posthumously by F. K Griepenkerl, who described them as “the purest and truest expression of a noble, tender and greatly agitated spirit”.


請不要用金山快譯或者其他工具來翻譯啦- -看得出來,語句都不通順,根本不對嘛

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    1.Jean Bastisete Loeillet (1680-1730) 出生在跟特, 入音樂家家庭。他建立了名譽作為flautist 和作曲家在法國, 但大約1705 行動了向倫敦, 他出名作為約翰・Loeillet 先生。他這裡演奏了在樂隊在Drury 車道和長笛。giga 比法國gigue 是夾具的義大利等值, 更輕和快速地。動力學留下給球員的謹慎。

    2.The 依然是未出版在Beethoven 的死亡的鋼琴片斷包括一些是非常相似在字符與瑣事, 雖然他們缺乏那個具體標題。他們的當中一個是這個C 較小片斷, 是沒有權利和未註明日期在親筆原稿。它採取一諧謔曲的形式以對比的三重奏在補劑少校。諧謔曲, 後繼者對小步舞, 經常是輕和嬉戲的, 但時常, 作為這裡, 它有嚴肅和平衡討厭的低音。在檢查, 第一重覆應該被演奏, 僅無其他。在BB 。41-3, 球員以小來源: 親筆女士, Staatsbibliothek zu 柏林, Preussischer Kulturbesitz 。

    3.Wilhelm Friedemann Bach(1710-84), Johann Sebastianm 的長子組成了慶祝的12 polonaises 在1765 年以前, 並且做的aan 不成功的企圖出版他們, 通常認為高峰他的整個產品, 他們由F. K Griepenkerl 遺腹最終出版了, 作為"一種高尚, 嫩和很大地被鼓動的精神描述他們最純淨和最真實的表示" 。

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