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    If I was the judge, I would decide to give the fertile egg to the mother. In reality, there are lots of vibriosis cases, and the family desires to have a child. This is why they seek help in hospitals, try different medications and treatments in their custom; they put up all these efforts, just to have a child of their own. From the case below, we can see that the doctor suggested them to freeze the successfully fertile egg and wait until the ovulation period, of the wife, arrived and then implant the fertile egg into the uterus. However, not long after the freezing of the egg, the couple divorced, but the wife still wants to keep the fertile egg, because she had spent so much time and gone through a lot, both physically and mentally, in order to get pregnant. Although she did not want to give up, the husband believes they should terminate this treatment.

    During the treatment of vibriosis, the doctor would prescribe ovulating medicine or ask the patients to inject ovulating injections to increase the chances of pregnant. However, these medicines cause side effects such as, vomit, rashes, dizzy, and allergy etc. I believe in the processing of treating for vibriosis, the wives suffered most of the pain; therefore, I believe the wife should be given the right of the fertile egg.

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